Special Products of Naxos

Kitron liqueur of Naxos Greece
Naxos Cheese is special for all Greek people - Enjoy Naxos Greece


This is really a special products of Naxos. KITRON liqueur is made from the leaves of the lemon tree. 

and is a traditional Greek product with the identification of the PDO (Protection Destination of Origin).



Kitron liqueur from Naxos island

This liquer is made in 3 colors. 

  • The clear one is dry
  • the green medium sweet
  • and the yellow one is the sweetest 
Kitron liqueur shop on the boulevard of Naxos Chora

Just go To this shop and have a taste of KITRON Naxos.

You will be surprised!


One of the best-known products of Naxos is the cheese. Very popular in all of Greece.

There are 5 tradional cheeses

  • Graviera Naxou made from 80% cowmilk and 20% of sheep and goat milk
  • Arseniko, made from sheep and goat milk
  • Xynomyzithra, made from goat milk
  • Xynotyro, also made from goat milk
  • Tyrogalo is a whey cheese
Special Naxos cheese shop in Naxos Chora
Naxos Cheese shop in Naxos Chora

Go and taste it


Every where you eat on Naxos you will get Naxian Patatoes to eat. And they are delicious.


Naxos potatos special for all of Greece - Enjoy Naxos

Potato Festival at the end of July takes place in  Agia Anna.


The flavor of the Naxian potatoes soon became  fames and still is very popular all over Greece. Naxian potatoes  are cooked or baked in various ways 


Traditional naxos music and dancers and  the local Naxian wine will accompany you.The Potato festival  is organized by the Cultural Organization of Agios Arsenios.

On Naxos you will only get Naxos patatos. Yummie