Enjoy The Real Sound of music from Naxos

Naxos - music and dancing at the Venetian Castle - Sunset concert

DOMUS Festival important message

These events will take place in small groups. And most of the time you can tast the local drinks for free


Deze evenementen zullen in kleine groepen plaatsvinden. En meestal krijgt u u de lokale drankjes gratis om te proeven.

New Location

This new location is just a few meters away of the museum / castle. Near the Catholic Church.


De nieuwe locatie is slechts een paar verder van het museum, naast de Katholieke Kerk.

Domus Festival Naxos Griekenland - Enjoy Naxos


Every month there are new events.

So keep a eye on it.


Here you can see the latest events


Tickets can only be bought at one point of sale, namely near the port. See "DOMUS Festival and at the Culteral Center Reception


Tickets kunnen alleen bij 1 verkooppunt gekocht worden namelijk vlak bij de haven. Zie "DOMUS Festival en bij het Culturele centrum zelf.


There are different kind of events, like old movies (english) , classic music, guitar music, Jazz & Blues, Bouzouki evenings and more....