To do and to See on Naxos Greece

So much To Do on Naxos Greece

What To do on Naxos

To Do on Naxos? Cooking lessons and..

Want to go on Expedition by mountainbike. Or do you Enjoy hiking? Perhaps you like greek food cooking lessons? 

There are so much great things to do.....           


What to see on Naxos

To See on Naxos Greece? Take a Look ....

To get a good first impression of the island Naxos you can take one of all of this bus tours 

for only € 25,00 pp   


take a look 

Special Products of Naxos

Special Products of Naxos? Tasted it all...

You have to taste it.....

  • The Naxos Chees
  • and the Kitron and Wine of Promponas

Go to the shops and taste it and then tell everybody on the blog if you liked it. 

Look here where you can taste it

Local Announcements and go Listen to the sound of Naxos Greece -Enjoy Naxos

What do you want to experience on Naxos Greece?